Love this place, very authentic and delicious food!
The food was quite tasty. except for the mee krob. It was sickly sweet, virtually inedible. It was like a sticky, almost toffee-like dessert, not an appetizer. It was very confusing and not at all what we expected. I can't imagine anyone wanting to eat this dish with their meal. The order arrived quickly and the driver was very friendly. When I called to ask how long the order will take ( it does not state this info when you place the order on-line), I was greeted by a very friendly guy, so I hate to leave a bad comment.
GREAT food! This is our "go to" place in the neighborhood. Many in our family are Vegan and the team at Na Siam are always willing to make modifications for us. We highly recommend their food, service, and delivery. We are NEVER disappointed!
Any questions please call us.